Monday, August 01, 2011

A GREAT New Idea! Get 'Em at Their Wedding! idea that our own Homerland Securitation folks can use.

Just "receive" (or fabricate) a totally baseless anonymous tip that a wedding is a "sham." You can easily tell a sham wedding, I suppose, because there will be no large gathering of friends and family from around the world; too expensive.

Of course, when it turns out that there IS a large gathering of friends and family from around the biggie! It means you can strip search all the guests and demand "yo papiss, plis!" If there are 100 or so of those nasty, dusky slant-eyed furriners there, surely a few won't have the proper documentation. Hand-cuff 'em, hold them indefinitely, and then deport them! It's fun, and your prison-industrial complex can hire up those surplus unemployed union members as guards. Everybody wins.

And then the police can go back to their nice white guy houses, secure in the knowledge that they have put the hammer down on some brown/yellow/who-knows-what-if- you-don't-strip-search-them, aliens.

(Nod to Anonyman)

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