Monday, January 25, 2010

KPC: Your Hip Hop Headquarters!

The video. I humbly present the video: Fear the Boom & Bust.....

LAGNIAPPE: Here is an actual picture (really) of Russ Roberts with Ke$ha.


Shawn said...

1) best nod in a rap video.

2) aren't there...umm...too many girls in the video? :)

Michael Munger said...

Shawn, check Angus's post. The only reason to become a PhD economist is to get girls.

Angus and I have to fight 'em off with sticks.


Anonymous said...

Did Keynes have to fight them off with a stick, too; but only for different reasons.

Speedmaster said...

OUTSTANDING!!! And I love the limo driver! ;-)

Shawn said...

guess my comment was too undercover.

didn't keynes dig dudes?

Anonymous said...

Keynes was apparently more open-minded later in life. His early preference was homosexual, but as he grew older he became an egalitarian, apparently.

Erik said...

dude, i found this not through your blog. but via andrew sullivan.

great tit said...

Wow I never new that about Keynes.

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Abe said...

Haha. Why was Russ Roberts sitting with Ke$ha? :)