Saturday, January 23, 2010

GuhDAY! Russians Hack Up Aborigines from Oz

So, here's the story:

Oksana Domnina and Maxim Shabalin, the favorites for ice-dancing gold in Vancouver, wowed the crowds with their routine at the European Championships. They sit in the lead after their original dance, a tribute to Australian Aborigines.

Except, Aboriginal leaders don't see it as a tribute. They don't really see how it has anything to do with their culture at all.

"They have got the whole thing wrong," said Stephen Page, artistic director of the respected indigenous group, the Bangarra Dance Company. Page said there were no traditional movements in the routine, the music sounded more like it came from India or Africa than Aboriginal Australia and the body paint looked like "a three-year-old child had drawn it on"... "Probably the elders in the bush would be laughing because they would be saying, 'Look how stupid these fellas are,' " he said.


Okay, I think that last sentence is probably right. But that would also be the reaction of the elders in the bush to all of the OTHER ice dancing costumes also. It is certainly MY reaction.

And here's the thing. It is ICE dancing. The idea of authentic Aussie aboroginal ice dancing is a little hard to imagine. The only ice in all of Oz is at the MacDonalds, and they won't give you any. These pictures here? Don't believe it. They are photo-shopped.

(Nod to Anonyman, who would look good in those costumes)


Tom said...

Somebody is being way too serious. Pretty girls are frolicking in little clothing. Enjoy! Are the skimpy costumes authentic? Don't care!

Unknown said...

There is ice in my fridge. The finest moment in Olympic history is an Oz moment.
Relive it here

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