Thursday, January 28, 2010

post-regional politics

Y'know, when I read the erudite and witty posts of my esteemed co-blogger Mungowitz, I sometimes even forget, for a minute or two, that he's from Florida!


Mungowitz said...

no link, or prompt, for that thought?

Clearly, my life's GOAL is to make people forget.

But, where are ya going with that thought?

aub said...

I think Angus is referencing Chris Matthews after the SOTU, where he said, "I forgot [Obama] was black."

Or maybe he's channeling Sen. Reid.

Who can say, really.

Angus said...

Aub nails it!

Anonymous said...

Not only did you people watch the SOTU, you watched Chris Matthews AFTER?

Lordy. Lordy pie.

Angus said...

I watched neither, but yahoo news is my friend.

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