Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A quiz on economics

It's a short quiz.

Do you think that cruise ships should continue to dock at Haiti's Labadee peninsula, so that passengers can "frolic" and "buy trinkets"?

To me, the answer is obviously "yes," if the passengers don't mind. It's possible passengers don't WANT to go, but if that is what is advertised, and passengers buy a ticket, I say "go."

Because the alternative is to say, "Haiti is devestated. Let's boycott Haiti, to make sure the economic damage is as great as possible. Let's deny local workers the only chance they have to make some money, so as to make our rich white American selves feel moral."

But I expect that most people disagree with me. Right?

(Nod to Anonyman)


Tom said...

Speaking for Most People (or, at least, for that 0.1% who agree with me politically, ethically, and religiously), I quite agree.

Anonymous said...

It just looks a bit grotesque, thats all.

Conor said...


Here's an article by a consistently leftwing writer in the Irish Times, discussing this very idea. Seems to think appropriating the boats may have merit!