Thursday, January 07, 2010

Stupidity Bowl

Wow, I am watching the BCS championship game and it's like watching a rousing game of Russian roulette!

While Alabama made two idiotic plays that led to two Texas field goals (a pathetic fake punt on the first series of the game and then the failure to field the ensuing kick-off which resulted in the worlds longest onside kick), Saban still looks like a freakin' genius compared to Mack Brown.

Brown decides to take his super-star, his indispensable man, QB Colt McCoy and have him run a sweep. 'Bama defender drills him, McCoy heads to the locker room for x-rays, and now Texas has no offense.

People, Mack Brown is a moron! 

You could go pick some dude out of any LA barbershop or Pilates studio to coach Texas and they wouldn't send McCoy plunging into the line in a million years.

I picked Texas to win this game but now, I don't think so.


***** UPDATE******

Nice time-out there right before the half too, Mack. Just what you needed, to have your deer in the headlights backup shovel a pick 6. That poor kid was crying when he came off the field.


Anonymous said...

Mack Brown may be an idiot, but at least he's not Les Miles.

Anonymous said...

His record at Texas says hi.

john doe said...

Also, Mack does not do offensive play calling. Greg Davis is the offensive coordinator and most Texas fans would agree that he sucks.

Anonymous said...

Head coach trumps offensive coordinator in game/clock management. Brown could have and should have let the clock go to zero.