Monday, April 13, 2009

Darwin WIn!!

At the Berlin Zoo recently, a 32 year old woman "climbed down a fence, over a wide hedge full of thorns and got past a concrete wall before swan diving into the murky moat where the polar bears swim." There were 4 adult polar bears in the area.

The woman is now in intensive care after some keepers fished her out.

The zoo says it doesn't plan to change its security measures. I agree. People like this should not be protected from their stupidity.

Here is a video link which shows the keepers trying to fish her out of the moat. The bears seem to just be playing with her!

Hat tip to the Eco Sista!


PaulG said...

Whether or not she should be protected from herself, you could easily justify changing your security measures so that this can't happen just so that the zookeepers don't have to put themselves and possibly the animals at risk trying to save idiots like this.

That said, there's only so much you can do, security-wise and just because someone managed to get through doesn't mean your security isn't working as well as could be expected. (Similarly, I don't need to upgrade my home security just because I can climb up a second story window to get in when I lose my keys.)

br said...

Wouldn't good profit-seeking zookeepers have seen this as a great opportunity to save money on bear food?

Anonymous said...

Tastes like chicken.

Angus said...

I'm with BR on this one Paul. The only policy the zoo needs to change is the one of trying to save people who make it into these type of situations!

Anonymous said...

The story I saw further reported that the keepers were poised to shoot and kill the bears had the last rescue attempt failed!

They should have been poised to shoot her--better than suffering a mauling.

Anonymous said...

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