Monday, April 06, 2009

Dear Wacko:

So I got the following email spam, from an address in Zaire:

The saluation, "Dear Wacko", is probably accurate in my case. But I doubt that it is effective for the purpose the spammer has in mind.

Dear Wacko, From Mr. Williams Johnson,Consultant/Agen

Nettie Lee The Undersigned, Mr. Ernest Ansah, Managing Director of Doncan Gold Company Ltd, licensed small scale mining company, with head office in Accra, Ghana, licensed under company code 1963 (Act 179) of the Republic of Ghana. We confirm with full corporate responsibility and legal authority do hereby make this Full Corporate Offer attesting that we have 500 Kilograms of alluvial Gold particles, and we do have the legal authority to sell same as hereinafter reflected, under penalty of perjury our ability to supply the said product. (Alluvial Gold Dust and Bars).
PRODUCT:Gold Dust/Bars QUANTITY: 300/500kg
PURITY: 99.95% or better ASSAY: Final assay to be made by Buyer's choice of refinery,
LOCATION: Ghana West Africa INSPECTION: Ghana West Africa
PACKING: Export Package Boxes/Bars SELLING PRICE: USD$18,500.00/kg Negotiable
PAYMENT: EURO or USD by SWIFT Wire Transfer


Jeff said...

Zaire? As in Congo, Democratic Republic of?

Mungowitz said...

Good point. Not processing very well. The email was ***@***.za

And, .za is South Africa.

Zaire has not been a nation for a long time. I'm showing both age and lack of attention, I guess.

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