Monday, April 13, 2009

Why Do We Need the BBC?

The BBC asks the question, "Why Do We Need Growth?"

economic growth may be a necessary condition for the relief of poverty and can be desirable for middle- and high-income people too, it is not enough on its own. Governments and society need to be judged on so much more than simply whether their economies are growing.

So I ask, "Why Do We Need the BBC?" To be fair, many people say they would pay voluntarily. Well, let's make the BBC optional, and find out.


Paul Gowder said...

We need the BBC because otherwise there won't be a single competent English language journalistic institution in the world. Also, because of BBC comedies. Maybe the private market would provide it, maybe not? Why risk? Monty Python's heirs are far too important to gamble with. :-)

David said...

Mike, I'd like to hear what your real answer is to that question.

Speedmaster said...

Wow, scary. I wonder what their answer to that question would have been if asked around 1900?