Thursday, April 02, 2009

Ward Churchill "wins"

The ex CU Professor "won" his wrongful dismissal case against the University, which after deciding they couldn't directly fire him because of his 9/11 "little Eichmanns" essay, fired him later on some various academic misconduct charges they dug up.

I put won in quotes because Ward was awarded $1 in damages.

Ward said that he didn't ask for money and was happy, but his attorney had asked the jury to send a message via a monetary judgment against the University.

There is another hearing coming to see if Churchill will get his job back.

Is this a great country, or what?


Anonymous said...

Off topic question: Why is University of Colorado abbreviated CU?

Anonymous said...

Same reason University of Oklahoma is abbreviated OU and University of Kansas is abbreviated KU?

Angus said...

Yeah, that's just how we roll here in the heartland!

Tom said...

"Is this a great country, or what?" asks Angus. Errr, well yes, but not for any reason evident in this news. (1) Universities shouldn't be run by governments; (2) employers (private!) shouldn't be subjected to court review for their hiring and firing decisions; (3) anyone bringing a lawsuit should have to face the prospect of paying legal costs of the defendant; (4) Ward Churchill is a jerk

Anonymous said...

Just be sure to call the Univeristy of Texas TU.

Anonymous said...

ummm universities are run by the least the public ones. To a large degree these aren't private employers, they are in fact public ones.

Mungowitz said...

Ward C may be an ass.

But if being an ass disqualifies you as a prof., ol' Angus and I would be out laying sod, or worse.

There is a legit question whether Churchill should have been tenured (my own view: yes, he should have been. I have a number of friends in Nat. Am. Studies who think some of his is pretty good.). But I think if we let state U's go over guys like Ward C., and take away tenure over trumped up and politically motivated charges, then that would be wrong.

Anonymous said...


Tommy the Englishman thinks that those attacking Ward found credible evidence of plagiarism. They then used this to try to get the university to boot his behind. If the plagiarism is true, the guy shouldn't have a leg to stand on regardless of who found the plagiarism.

My 2 shillings.

Angus said...

Green side up, baby, green side up!

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