Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mungowitz in Deutschland--Day 0

Got on the plane today. Kissed the lovely Ms. Mungowitz, hugged the younger younger Munger at the airport.

Arrived in Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson Immovable Airport.

I have a middle seat, on a 767, can't change it. Plane is packed.

10 mins after pushback time, the pilot comes on. Announces we have to get off.

"There is a SUBSTANTIAL fuel leak...." (His emphasis).

We got off, rather spiritedly.

Now, after losing fuel, they are blowing smoke. "We'll get ANOTHER 767 for you, right away." Like they have a bunch of them, lined up like at the Hertz lot.

NEWWS FLASH: They claim to be boarding. Perhaps I'll still get out today. I'd much rather be lost in Germany than spend the night in some horrible Hotlanta airport hotel.


JMM said...

While I empathize with you...I could not help but think of this:

(at about 2:34)

Ms. Mungowitz said...

Thanks for that link JMM. Gave me a good laugh. Have never heard of that comedian. Just found out from old college roommate that he is playing near where she lives and might be going to see him.