Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Fujimori verdict due today

These folks have already made up their minds!

UPDATE!!!!! And they were right in as much as Fujimori was indeed convicted:

"A special tribunal convicted former Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori of murder and kidnapping on Tuesday for death squad activities during his 10-year rule during the 1990s.

"This court declares that all four charges have been proven behind all reasonable doubt," presiding judge Cesar San Martin told a hushed courtroom.

There was no question, he said, that the 70-year-old Fujimori authorized the creation of a military death squad that killed some 50 people.

Fujimori apparently anticipated a guilty verdict. He sat alone taking notes as the verdict was read after a 15-month televised trial.

He faces a maximum of 30 years in prison and the court was expected to issue a sentence later Tuesday after a full reading of the sentence.

Fujimori is the first democratically elected former president to be tried for rights violations in his own country. His lawyers have said he would appeal the verdict."


prison rodeo said...

So, is the fact that the sign remixes the old Monopoly "Get Out Of Jail Free" card an (ironic) error or an intentional comment on his chances of actually doing time?

Shawn said...

pr...you'n me both...I was looking at the poster for a while and wondering "wtf?" ...till I saw the 'culpable', and figured it was just a culture faux-pas.

br said...

Maybe they mean that 30 years is too easy a sentence for murder, kidnapping and creating a death squad.