Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Inspecting the mechanism

In a recent municipal election in Lexington OK, Marion McWhirter and Max Punneo saw their battle for the city council end in a tie (53-53). Neither man (and yes I have that right) chose to contest the vote:

"Though Punneo -- and McWhirter -- were offered the opportunity to contest the election and ask for a recount, Punneo said the $300 cost would have factored to about $3 per person. "There was no need for that, really," he said."

So how was the tie resolved?

"With a handful of election officials and media representatives watching, Lexington's incumbent city councilman Marion McWhirter held on to his seat Monday when his name was successfully drawn from a decorated hat box by Cleveland County Election Board Secretary Paula Roberts."

WTF, you ask??

""We're following the election law," Roberts said".

I wonder what the law says exactly. Does it specify using a hat box? A decorated hat box? Does it speak to the style of the decorations?

Oh and one more thing: Norm Coleman, you have a phone call!


Anonymous said...

26 Okl. St. § 8-105 (2009)
§ 8-105. Tie votes

A. When a tie vote is certified in the nomination or election of any candidate in any Runoff Primary, General Election or any Primary Election, the election board which is authorized by law to issue the certified list or certificate of election shall, at a public meeting of the board and in the presence of the candidates involved or their designee, if they or any of them desire to be present, select the nominee or electee by lot.

B. When a nominee or electee is to be selected by lot pursuant to the provisions of this section, the following procedures shall be observed:

1. The secretary of the appropriate election board shall, on or before the tenth day following the election, notify each of the tying candidates for which the vote was tied. The notice shall include the time, date and location of the selection, shall be made in writing by registered or certified mail and shall be postmarked not fewer than five (5) days prior to the meeting;

2. A candidate may designate one person as a witness to attend the meeting on the candidate's behalf. The designation shall be made in writing, signed by the candidate and presented to the secretary of the appropriate election board;

3. The secretary of the appropriate election board shall, in full view of those present at the meeting, clearly write or print the name of each tied candidate on separate pieces of paper measuring approximately equal size. The names of the candidates shall be written or printed on the same color and type of paper. The papers shall be folded in half one time so that the written names are not visible and shall be placed into a container selected by the secretary of the appropriate election board;

4. The secretary shall draw, or may designate a person other than the candidates, witnesses or other person directly interested in the election to draw, one paper, and the name of the nominee or electee appearing on the first drawn paper shall be declared the winner. The secretary shall then expose the other name or names not drawn to all witnesses present; and

5. The meeting shall be held on a weekday, holidays excepted, between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.

C. When there are three (3) or more candidates and a tie for first place occurs for the nomination of a candidate at a Primary Election for which a Runoff Primary will be held, the names of the tied candidates shall be placed on the Runoff Primary ballot.

Anonymous said...

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