Friday, April 10, 2009

Hey, Joker: Recycle Me THIS

In which I enter the cubicles of recycling worshippers, and do battle.

Not sure I'll be able to go back to Canada, now.

Just like I can't go back to Australia.

The original provocation, a while back now....


Barnaclese said...

It's "riddle me this", not "joke me this". Pshaw.

Anonymous said...

Can you please give a talk in Tommy the Englishman's department that has its fair share of well paid environmentalists?

Tom said...

But... but... Mike! Their hearts are pure. Surely that makes everything okay.

In other news: truth hurts.

steep said...

I love these conflicts you start.

I listened to your Econtalk a while back with my kids on a trip, and we figured that landfills get a bad rap, they need a new name. So, in keeping with the plastic mining meme, we've started calling them "Resource Banks".

If we could just get people to stop using that outdated "l" word, we could change the world.