Friday, April 24, 2009

A match made in heaven

Back in my Northern Virginia days, Tyler and I shared a pair of season tickets to the (then) Washington Bullets. One of the best parts of the games was the performance art of one Robin Ficker, a leather lunged fan who sat right behind the visitors bench. He would scream non-sequitors like "YOU CAN"T BEAT OUR WASHINGTON BULLETS" or other gems like "PHONE CALL FOR MICHEAL JORDAN". You could hear him throughout the building.

He is a lawyer and we used to joke about how he behaved in court. "YOU CAN'T CONVICT OUR LITTLE PURSE SNATCHER" or "PHONE CALL FOR CLARENCE THOMAS".

People, now he's a Republican political activist. Isn't that just about perfect? He just won the GOP nomination for the Montgomery Md. county council.

Phone call for Steny Hoyer!

hat tip to Zach M.

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Anonymous said...

We will bury him.

-- Miracle Max