Wednesday, April 22, 2009



This is my last post from American soil.

I am moving to Germany, until August, anyway.

Okay, not "moving," exactly. But I'll be teaching at Univeristat Erlangen-Nurnberg
April - August.

The motto of the Universitat is "advance through networks." I do like that one. It is much better than the old German motto: "advance through Belgium."

A good German reason to shop online (courtesey of Robert Porter)


Robert S. Porter said...

Wow, great minds think alike, though I'm going to be living in Germany in September, right after you leave. I'll try to be the token libertarian in Germany after you leave.

I will, however, be in Nuremberg on June 27th, so I'll be looking for you there!

Chris Lawrence said...

Have a safe trip. Although I don't think the "advance through Belgium" jokes will fly; as Basil Fawlty would say, "Don't mention the war!"

Christoph said...

That's cool. I hope you have fun. And enjoy the beer!

Anonymous said...

Do you have plans to visit Tommy the Englishman?

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