Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Flattery will get you Everywhere!

According to, we are a "top 50 economics blog". Here's what they say about us:

Kids Prefer Cheese: A wildly popular tongue-in-cheek yet deadly serious look at economics, politics and the underbelly of life in general. Brought to you by Professors Munger (Duke University) and Grier (University of Oklahoma).



Kunal said...

You mean your name is not actually Professor Angus? This changes everything.

El General said...

I agree with Kunal, Grier...sounds like you're another damn yankee coming down to steal our land!

Angus sounds like a good old boy, from somewhere like Muskogee or Miami (pronounced Myamuh), and thats the way we likes it! Freebird!

prison rodeo said...

Mmmmm, underbelly...


But I always thought "Angus" was an Australian name.

Angus said...

AFAIK, Angus is Scottish in origin. My Dad's family was from there (my dad was the only one in his family born in the US)and they decreed to my mom that her firstborn child should be named Angus. She demurred, which probably meant I made it through the public school system with slightly fewer altercations that I would have. So there you have it; Angus Grier at your service.

y'know, Mungowitz's real name isn't Mungowitz either!

El General said...

Since my mother gave me the first name of El and last name General, i just assumed everyone else was exactly like me... It's amazing what these blogs can teach you!

"Do you actually know anyone named Muhammad?"
"Do you know anyone named McLovin?"

Kunal said...

y'know, Mungowitz's real name isn't Mungowitz either!

Clearly, there is no God.