Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The Culture that is Singapore

The Boston Globe breaks it down for us:

"More than 80% of Singapore's population lives in public housing, in buildings designed to government specifications. And Singapore's government ensures that every apartment building mirrors the country's ethnic mix, with Chinese, Malays, and Indians living as neighbors in proportion to their share of the population - 77%, 14%, and 8% respectively."

Lets see here, Singapore's population is around 5 million, so 80% of that is 4 million. Shall we assume 1000 persons per building? So 4,000 government owned, government designed buildings each with 770 Chinese, 140 Malays and 80 Indians (somehow I lost 10 people!)?

That's just plain crazy, innit? Keep it in mind the next time you hear someone comparing some other country unfavorably to Singapore. The Singapore model has a lot of unsavory trappings.


Anonymous said...

And, by the nature of things, one of those groups may be a little bit more mobile, prosperous, or have larger families to house, thus creating a greater artificial demand. Probably there are Group1 seekers having trouble finding the housing they want, and apartments going empty held for Group3. Bah!


Tim Worstall said...

Sadly, they get all excited by the words "public housing" and fail to note that you actually have to buy a 99 year lease on these things.

While they are built, designed and maintained by the govt, they're not public housing in the sense the rest of us know of.

Heng-Cheong Leong said...

The racial quota is based on towns, and not on each apartment building.