Tuesday, November 02, 2010

The end of a bromance

My favorite basketball player for a long time was Shaquille O'Neil. Then I read this blogpost (which I got from Shaq's twitter account) on "10 Fun Facts about Shaquille."

Consider #4: "My best NBA moment was scoring 61 points in a game against the LA Clippers."

This from a man with 3 rings and 2 finals MVPs? Really? Going Barry Switzer on the Clips is the highlight of your career? Not winning a title in Miami after getting run out of LA?

It also appears that one of us does not know what Top Ramen is.


tc said...


Isn't it 4 rings?

Anonymous said...

And 3 Finals MVPs?


Angus said...

Ouch! Double-busted. yes 4 rings, 3 finals mvps.


I guess I didn't love him as much as I should have!

Anonymous said...

The 61 points was on his birthday. No doubt its the after party celebration that he remembers so fondly.