Monday, December 12, 2011

Grand Game: San Francisco Edition

A truly remarkable cavalcade of idiots, ideologues, and squishy thinkers. A parade of sports and horribles. Hard to believe they are serious, but then lefties are always serious. Wrong, but serious.

I won't spoil it for you. But don't miss the consequence where the company can't even bid on government contracts because now their costs are too high. Presumably we will soon have a set aside to assure that the halt and the lame of SF get their "fair chance" at being the high bidder yet still winning the contract.


(And nod to Anonyman)


Anonymous said...

Is there a way we could "excommunicate" California from the US? Do they contribute anything of value to the country? What parasites!

Mike said...

There is no separate minimum for tipped employees? In a tourist location?

Even the feds get that right.

Chris said...

Candidate 1:
"The chamber of commerce is calling on the city to build in a 25 to 30 percent bid allowance for San Francisco companies."

Translation: "Yeah, let's attack the symptom. That usually works. I'm an idiot"

Candidate 2:
"the best studies on minimum wage indicate that the benefits outweigh the burdens placed on employers."

Translation: "Yeah, they are the best studies because they confirm what I was taught at Berkeley. I'm an idiot."

LoneSnark said...

If they really cared about their workers having a living wage then they would lower the cost of living by lifting development restrictions.

I call bull. Their goal is not to achieve living wages. It is to render the city uninhabitable for the poor.

Mungowitz said...

Lone Snark wins. Thanks for playing, everybody!

Tom said...

"Karl Kramer... said a decent wage for a single adult without children in the city would be $15, and that doubles when you have at least one child ..." It's a complete disassociation between the value of what is given (the labor) and the value of what is received. Pop a rug rat; get more money. Well, I have needs too -- so all the (hated) employers of SF should send me checks.

My capcha is "opiner" Really!

Hasdrubal said...

1.) What's a 34 year old doing working minimum wage jobs? If he got hit by the downturn and it's a temporary setback, that's one thing. If he just doesn't want to put the effort into holding a good job, that's a whole different ball of wax and doesn't get any sympathy from me.

2.)This sounds like an econ 10 question: If housing prices are high, so you increase the wages of workers, will that raise, lower, or not change housing prices?