Sunday, December 18, 2011

Kobe: He's Not Good

With apologies to P. Boettke, who will continue to insist that Kobe is not just the best player in NBA history, but also a fine human being. Pete is wrong about some other things, too, but he is wrongest about Kobe. Kobe is a worthless, worthless man. This is a spoof, but it captures the essence of the man.

This from Boondocks, August 4, 2003:


Mungowitz said...

Comment from Pete Boettke:


We changed our cats names in our house from Shaq and Kobe, to Shaq and Tobby due to my wife's insisting after the episode in Colorado.

I never said I wanted him to date my daughter, I just said that based on an internal NBA poll from 2 years ago, that his fellow players voted Kobe the most dangerous player to play against in the NBA -- not LeBron!

So while I don't want him dating my daughter, I wouldn't mind having him on my team. And I think Coach K has enjoyed having him on his teams as well.

But your point is well taken, and that spoof certainly does get to the point.

Hume said...

He *really* thinks Kobe is the greatest of all time? Munger, I think you're being a little tough on the man. Must not have been a very charitable interpretation.

Angus said...

Oscar F. Robertson