Monday, December 12, 2011

Podcastrians: Profits, the Verger and other Stories

My main man Russ Roberts and I vigorously podcastrate the idea of profit, illustrating it with three pedagogically useful stories.

At least, *I* think they are useful stories.


Shawn said...

A Mungercast, followed next week by a Kleinversation. Good times to be had by all.

Thanks for doing these w/ Russ.

Anonymous said...

I think this is the best Roberts/Munger conversation yet. Thanks.

John said...

The point that each individual transaction the Padre made was one that made each side better off was of profound importance, in some large way because it is so often overlooked. That realization and the realization that the various actors he traded with might never have met without him should be enough to change quite a few minds. I hadn't thought it out as concisely or as explicitly as it was stated in the podcast. Nice work.