Sunday, December 11, 2011

Not the Onion: Grand Game Self Service!

Grand Game Time! Smart people do it in the comment section...

Brazilian woman wins legal "right" to surf porn and masturbate at work.

Excerpt: Ana Catarian Bezerra, 36, suffers from severe anxiety and hypersexuality - something that makes her "compulsion orgasmic," reports

A single mother of three children, Bezerra works as an accountant - a seemingly buttoned-up profession for such a buttoned-down condition, reports

In the past, Bezerra would need to masturbate as much as 47 times a day. Her physician, Carlos Howert, has prescribed her a "cocktail" of tranquilizers to help curb her condition. Now she only has to masturbate around 18 times a day, according to Guanabee. One word? Yikes.

Bezerra had to take her employer to court last April, where she won. Now, she will get 15 minute breaks every 2 hours where she can surf porn and get her release, AOL reports.

Don't get too excited though - remember that this is in Brazil, and here in the U.S. there are no court-mandated masturbation breaks available.


This would have been excellent news for Anonyman. He was laid off for three months a while back. Turns out that in Brazil his activities during this time would have counted as "employment," and he could have gotten paid for it. Now THAT is progress!


Brad Hutchings said...

In an alternate universe, this lady wins the right to have a smoke during breaks, and this sentence reads...

What you do during those breaks is generally up to you - get a cup of coffee, walk around, touch up your makeup, or even masturbate.

Anonymous said...

Glad I got my eyesight back just in time to read this!


Anonymous said...

I was reminded of this

Gerardo said...

"here in the U.S. there are no court-mandated masturbation breaks available."

Good thing, too, lest KPC blog traffic converges to zero.

Probably blog posts, too, for that matter.