Saturday, December 31, 2011

Let me re-phrase

Thanks for your comments on my previous post. I am interested in being able to use the iPad for blogging when I travel to avoid having to lug a laptop around so I have been experimenting with it.

I have an external keyboard, so typing is not the problem.

I am finding that I can't put in hyper-links to other webpages or include images in my posts either when I log in to Blogger via safari on the iPad or when I use the Blogger iPhone app on the iPad.

It's hard for me to accept that there's not an app that makes blogging from the iPad as easy as using Blogger on a laptop.

But I guess that's what the universe is telling me?


Greg Weeks said...

You can do hyperlinks through Safari on the iPad, but it requires careful tapping. But I think you're right that you can't do images. I don't know why Blogger isn't more active in getting an iPad app going.

Anonymous said...

Just quit dicking around and get a Lenovo x120. It's a real business machine, but inexpensive and ultra-portable.

Andrew said...

I don't have iPad (Android user) but the Blogsy ap seems like it will do what you want. You can just drag and drop images into your posts, as well as links directly from the iPad browser. Reputable websites have reviewed it very well. Too lazy to embed a link but you can google it. It's $5 in the app store.

Andrew said...