Monday, December 19, 2011

A Sweet Tribute

I had missed this. A sweet tribute of the young Buck to his very famous father.

Jack and Joe Buck call their respective Game 6's from Kidd Video on Vimeo.

Also sad to see #5 in the thick of the celebration. Bon chance, #5.


Kindred Winecoff said...

You didn't catch that? Many, I caught it right away. Joe did the same thing in 2006 after Waino struck out Inge to end it. He said "That's a World Series winner!" Of course Jack used to say "That's a winner" after every Cards victory, and in 1982 said "That's a winner... a World Series winner!"

Joe's clever, but not obvious. Nice of him.

Mungowitz said...

Oh, yes: "That's a winner!" I got. This was nice, because it was entirely seamless and appropriate for the occasion. Didn't say, "As my dad said..."