Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Better adjust my priors about Toronto

The mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, is as we say in Oklahoma, a big un.

When he hit 330, he announced a weight loss contest with his brother Doug, who is junior to him both in political office (a councillor) and size (265 pounds).

 Hizzoner ran smack into the time inconsistency problem and after an initial early loss, actually weighed MORE at his penultimate weigh-in in May.

 He did however, end up losing 17 pounds but was trounced by his baby bro both in relative and absolute terms (brother lost 33 pounds from a smaller base).

 The mayor actually had to be herded onto the scale for the final weigh-in and fell off it awkwardly in his eagerness to get away from the cold hard facts.


Let's go for a politically incorrect breakdown:

Are all the members of Toronto's government from the same family?

Does Toronto choose it's mayor via a pie-eating contest?

The  "cut the waist" contest raised $14,000 for charity, which probably wouldn't cover the cost of thanksgiving dinner at the Ford house!

Do read the timeline at the end of the linked article. It's excellent.

Hat tip to Drew M.


Jacob T. Levy said...

and not coincidentally, he's proudly the mayor of car commuters, declaring war on bicycles (which should be kept off the street because they're a menace to cars!) at every opportunity.

It's a fascinating example of what happens when the municipality extends too far into the suburbs; he has no business running the actual city, and his constituency isn't from there.

Gerardo said...

It's Fat Tuesday at KPC

John said...

It's those darn Maple Cream donuts from Tim Horton's.

If I catch any grief from the in-laws on my trip in a couple of weeks, I'll keep this story in mind. I don't know if any of them are Ford fans, but they're from the 'burbs to the outskirts (Etobicoke and Newmarket).