Monday, June 25, 2012

Baptist Wedding

Actually, not sure they are Baptists.  But they take their step for full immersion.  You can be pretty sure it's going to happen.  Both the men and women are mostly pretty hefty.  Not that that's a bad thing.

One embarrassing touch:  The bride has on (unsurprisingly) a full-length, very full, very heavy gown.  The bridesmaids have on heavy dresses, but they are just below the knee.  And the men just have on tuxes.  Well, play it again.  Notice that the groom totally bails out on the bride, and just leaves her.  One of the other women helps the bride.  THAT may come up a few times, when they show the video.  "You left me to drown!"  And the problem is, the guy DID.  Wedding fail.

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Anonymous said...

Darwin's last ditch effort to keep some fatty's from pro-creating!