Friday, June 08, 2012


Got this email today:

Hello Mike,

My name is Matilda Thompson, social media manager at We’ve been following your blog at for a while now and your writing style is pretty great! I’m willing to bet PR agencies and Brands might find it appealing as well.

So we selected your site to offer you a revenue share partnership.  Let me know if you’d be interested in this opportunity and I’ll follow-up with more details!

Best regards,
Matilda Thompson

My response:  Gosh, Matilda, thanks for the compliment!  It would mean more if the "blog" you identify as admiring were something other than the main Duke University web site.  I'll give you credit, Duke does post often, has lots of links, and they do produce some pretty impressive content!

However, if this is the level of care you idiots at BlogDash put into your work, I'd like to try to make sure that no one falls for your spam-phish.  So I thought I'd post your email on my ACTUAL blog.

And please don't contact me again.  You can contact that "blog" at Duke directly, if you want.  Just send an email to, and I'm sure they'll get right back to you.


Natalie said...

Guesses as to who that email address redirects to?

Pelsmin said...

I think you should cut a deal to share revenue with them. I'm going to reach out and see if they want to do a revenue share deal with my blog, For a small fee, I promise I'll send them 50%, no 70%, of all Drudge revenues.

Jim D. said...

Hyphenating "follow up" when used as a verb is all you need to know about this person.

I think you should hurry-up, turn-around and blow-her-off before she writes-to-you again.