Thursday, June 07, 2012

Frampton Comes Unglued

As part of our continuing coverage of news of the arrest and incarceration of UNC physics Prof. Paul Frampton, we have some...well, some continuing coverage.

I have to admit they guy is growing on me.  We have talked about this before, and there may have been some incredulity in our electronic voices.  But as more facts come out, it turns out Dr. Frampton is pretty much like...most 65+ college profs.

(Read on, below the fold, for details)

Consider the things the good Dr. has done:

1.  He pursued young ladies on the internet, believing that when they saw this

they would immediately be smitten and want to marry him.  Apparently one young Chinese lady, when she saw the above, immediately said "哦,地獄無"  ("Oh, HELL, no.") and bailed out. (Photo credit at N&O).  That happens to D.L. at least once a week; it's common.

2.  Prof. Frampton also apparently is being mocked for adding up his publication total and comparing to that of other profs.  And then loudly mocking the other profs.  Friends, I'm sorry, but in academics we call that "breakfast."

3.  Prof. Frampton is convinced that he can do 100% of his job, no pay cut, no problem.  From a prison cell.  In Argentina.  Um....well, I have known a number of senior colleagues over the year for whom being in jail, and therefore unable to teach or come to faculty meetings, would have been a strong Pareto improvement.

Now, I understand that many of our readers may object to the fact we are mocking a professor with limited social skills, narcissism, and a personality disorder.  But people make fun of Angus and me all the time!  Welcome to the faculty club, Dr. Frampton!


Justin said...

I wonder about this person: "In an earlier interview, one of the graduate students he is assigned said that Frampton had indeed been able to properly advise him via phone."


Fundman said...

He looked way better on his earlier album covers from the 70's

Gerardo said...

I must say, I'm very disappointed in the quality of the physics puns in this post.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is a bad Chinese mid-translation of the English. Also, if he had tried more Chinese women, he could have found one to marry him, but there's no guarantee she'd stay with him after she got her green card.