Thursday, June 28, 2012

Linkulus Maximus

Some links o' the day:

1.  A computer player that ALWAYS wins at Rock-Paper-Scissors (by cheating)

2.  Bird group goes after Obama.  Sounds Hitchcockian, but this is an interest group.  Which may be even scarier, now that I think of it.

3.  Not enough slurry bombers?  The fire, next time.

4.  Won't you PLEASE apply for food stamps?  This may be an important new party movement.

5.  Smarter lunchrooms, less childhood obesity?

With nods to the Ward Boss, Angry Alex, and the Blonde

1 comment:

Simon Spero said...

I think I am broken; I find the jenken robot the least interesting product of that lab (they do so much cool sensor design and information fusion). It's also not an especially interesting ML jenken/RPS system- research and contests where decisions are revealed simultaneously are good at testing ideas from game theory, plan recognition, theory of mind (especially when human players are involved), etc.

Ah, who am I kidding, it still totally rocks, papers, and scissors.