Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I'll Just Pick Up

So, if you are playing golf, and one of the other members of the foursome said, "I'll just pick up, I've lost this hole," you might not expect to see what is described here

But then you likely don't belong to such a high class, "exclusive" golf club, you loser.

With thanks to S.W. who writes:

My favorite quote: "several members urinated on one of the greens, in the presence of the caddie, a female, and one or more of the members deliberately exposed themselves to her while urinating. I suspect that this is also a crime in Georgia."

I seem to recall golf being a Scottish invention. How peculiar that its adherents have become uptight about allowing a good breeze to waft 'cross the withers.

Heh, heh.  He said "waft."


Justin said...

You missed this related story shared at the bottom of that one: http://deadspin.com/5919051/captain-mike-dixon-women-arrested-for-allegedly--exposing-their-sexual-organs-on-golf-course

Tom said...

A caddy works for tips -- I would have loved to have read "Caddy's tip was $350" but I suspect it was nada.

Gerardo said...


Hasdrubal said...

I imagine that the caddy's tips were a bunch of sexual propositions from out of shape, middle aged white guys who think they're athletic young studs.

Ten Mile Island said...

At the least, it seems the Dress Code was violated.

But, I'm tucking this information away, until my next trip to Georgia.

Why isn't my club this much fun?