Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Angus' 2012 Music Picks

OK people, forget about Frank Ocean and Grizzly Bear. I got the 2012 musical goods for you right here.

My favorite 10 albums, in no particular order.

Moon Duo: Circles

the Duo have reigned themselves in a bit this time around, but their fuzzed out glory never ever gets old.

 Peaking Lights: Lucifer

Perhaps not quite as good as "936", but lo-fi pysch dub has not yet gotten remotely old for me.

Tame Impala: Lonerism

A little on the polished side for me, but just so good. Sure, it's "retro" get over it and get into it!

Purity Ring: Shrines

I didn't think I'd like this album. Thought I was too old and grumpy. This is amazing music. Part Sundays, part 4 Tet, mesmerizing.

Waxahatchee: American Weekend

Wow! So happy that music like this is being made in 2012. A little Mountain Goats a little Liz Phair and a lot of awesome.

Tindersticks: The Something Rain 

A return to form from one of my all-time favorite bands. I read a review that called Tindersticks the spiritual father of The National. I think that might be right.

King Tuff: King Tuff

This guy is just the bizzle. Makes up for Harlem not putting out a record this year.

Royal Headache: Royal Headache

So so so good. Can Australia be the cradle of rock nowadays?

Beak: >>

Very Krauty and very cool. Give it some time.

Deep Time: Deep Time 

Man, Austin TX just keeps spawning great music.


Mel Ball said...

I look forward to this list every year, Angus. (Also, going to see Tame Impala at Cat's Cradle in February. It's ok to be jealous.)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Angus.

With your enjoyment of Royal Headache, ECSR, Dick Diver and The Twerps I'd suggest having a look at Boomgates too (if you aren't already all over it).