Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Last Minute Christmas Gifts! Christmas 2012 Last Minute Edition

Need some last minute Christmas gifts, for that discerning sort of person who hangs out with KPC readers?  Not just ANY gift, but a cool gift that you can actually get shipped in time for the day, arriving (ojala!) on Monday?

Books on war and strategy

Beauty product samples of the month, each month, $10.

If you know something the person likes, buy an on-line subscription.  They might never pay for the ad-free version of Pandora, for example, but it's cheap and they will actually use it!  And your friend/SO can listen on phone, laptop, or any computer at home.  It's quite handy.

Noodle Of The Month club!  Or some other food subscription.  But good Italian pasta in particular is a nice, easy to use, product that everybody likes!  (Okay, not for Angus, but for people without allergies to gluten)

Membership in an art museum, theater company, etc.  If you live near SOME kind of city, there must be a season subscription or membership you can buy.  And though they may not have bought it for themselves, a good theater subscription will get them out of the house to go see some plays. 

Buy an "experience," from a site like this, or perhaps like this, even more generally.  Unusual, interesting, and you can still get 'er done in time for the day!


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The Noodle of the Month is a great idea