Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It's a Miracle Edition of Grand Game

Michael Rennie was ill
The day the supply curve stood still
But he told us
Where we stand.

And Paul Krugman was there in silver underwear
Bob Reich was the invisible man

It's a miracle.  Minimum wage creates middle class people

Nod to Chateau, and his "Denton" t-shirt.



Sam Wilson said...

Then something went wrong
For Bradford DeLong
He got caught in a policy jam

Then at deadly pace
It came from Geithner's face
And this is how the message ran...

kebko said...

The first comment at the link is spectacular - the most concise entry ever for the grand game.

Pelsmin said...

Kebko -- You just can't handle the truth. That commenter is right: raising minimum wage just gives companies another excuse to fire people. Increases don't work until you force the companies to retain the employees too! And that poster is a self-described free marketeer, so don't accuse them of trying to control companies.
The best argument against the statement that race is the factor in poverty comes from this chart:
Married black women have half the poverty rate as single white mothers. What's the driver here?

Mike said...

I am embarrassed to admit to paying taxes that help support UT.

The football team isn't any good either.