Wednesday, December 19, 2012


The links of Wednesday....

1.  Going through a dry spell?  End it with a bang!

2.  Is health insurance like auto insurance?  Should it be?

3.  I looked, but there was no sign-up sheet for volunteers.  New treatment...

4.  Giving the lie to the idea that medicine is a "public service."

5.  Evaluation in medical services:  1.  Did you spend your budget?  2.  If not, why the FiretrUCK not?  Go back and spend it, ALL of it, you idiot.   3.  If yes, add 10% and submit new budget.  Notice that service and customer satisfaction never appear in this "evalution" process at all.

6.  All of political psychology reduced to one variable?  Okay, MOST, not all.  But it is striking.

7.  Sometimes, the world just tells its own jokes.  Here's the setup:  David Brooks scheduled to teach course on "humility" at Yale.  Presumably, DB will have P-Kroog in for some guest lectures on the more advanced "Topics in Humility" sections.  It's at Yale, too.  You can't make this stuff up.  DB recognizes that course title will provoke "smart ass jibes," but he's just too humble to care.

8.  Thank GOODNESS there's a Republican House, to hold the line on spending.  If only there were a third party, one that was SERIOUS about the deficit...

9.  Robert Bork has died.

10.  The Smutty Professor.  Porco?  Really?  Not sure what to think about this.

11.  The defense theory ("The Owl Did It!") may fly, after all. Michael Peterson, about whom Angus has mused before.

12.  Local knowledge is sustainable:  Hayek would have been a local focal guy.

Nod to Angry Alex, Anonyman, and Kevin Lewis

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Pelsmin said...

Re: Evaluation of Medical Service and spending of your WHOLE budget, this is the best primer I've seen on the importance of spending your whole budget each year: