Monday, December 24, 2012

Republican HQ

This may be photoshopped.  But I think not.  The wires in front of the sign, and the fact that a friend claims to have taken the picture himself, not "got it as an attachment from a friend of ... "

In any case, a nice metaphor.  Do click for an even more tumble-down image.

With a nod to SDM

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Anonymous said...

This is not terribly uncommon. Political HQs are often leased in the cheapest large building available for the 6-12 months before an election. Because the party needs A) the cheapest possible building and B) lots of space to accommodate peak volunteer loads, they often end up in fairly decrepit buildings which they are then too busy to help maintain.

This building could have been an HQ from 2010 or 2008, and then not successfully rented out again. The fact that the sign is still up is an indicator that the landlord either has little hope for the property or is absent altogether.

Just saying it probably isn't a photoshop and you can likely find dozens of examples of similar buildings in impoverished rural areas, and you could probably find Democrat buildings in shambles if you went to some run down inner cities like Detroit or Cleavland.