Sunday, December 16, 2012

Beware of "Bumblers"

One of the key precepts of the game "Diplomacy" is "Beware of Bumblers!"

If you find that someone just writes down orders wrong, and makes mistakes, at key moments, they may in fact be an indiot.

But they also may be clever enough to be faking it.

Which brings me to this guy.  He "bumbled" the housework, by answering a "phone" (actually a hot iron), putting it to his cheek and ear.

Then he tried to run to the kitchen and hit the edge of the door straight on, further damaging himself.

A small price to pay for getting to say, "I'm off housework!  I'm just no good at it!"

Beware of bumblers, ladies. And, gentlemen, watch a true master at work, and learn.

Nod to Angry Alex.


Tom said...

Wouldn't it be easier to -- just DO the damned housework? "Share and share, alike" means more snatch!

rybiep said...

Surprised he didn't burn the other side, he had to call 911! Or the equivalent.