Friday, December 14, 2012

It's not the HABBAL

So, it is useful to know HABBAL.*  And B. Nyhan is right to admonish people who blame Obama for not being able to control or direct the nut jobs who make up the U.S. Senate. 

But I think it is just fine to blame Obama for stepping up DEA and Justice Department enforcement against state-legal pharmacies and growers.  For expanding the scope and impact of executive orders and extra-constitutional decrees.  For expanding the use of drone strikes, without due process, and for imprisoning and mistreating citizens, of the world and of the US, without evidence or chance for a hearing.  For being a coward on immigration policies that are entirely in the control of the executive branch.

In short, you apologists have your heads up your Birkenstocks.  Obama is quite a bad president.  When you defend him, you are basically saying that Mussolini was better than Hitler.  Okay, yes, that's true, Obama is better than Bush was or McCain would have been.  But stop making excuses.  Obama is quite a disappointment, if you are anything but an unreasoning Democratic hack.

*How A Bill Becomes A Law.  If you don't know HABBAL, you'll be needing some more Schoolhouse Rock! 

Notice that there is nothing there about executive orders and systematic violation of the 1st, 4th, and 5th Amendment.  And THAT is why Obama is a bad President:  he ignores the Constitution.  Not because the Senate is even worse.


Anonymous said...

He does not ignore the Constitution. The Constitution is not bound to what some dead white men said over 200 years ago. The Constitution is a living document that evolves with the times. Except for the right to bear arms. That was limited only to muskets.

Mungowitz said...

Okay, Anon, you had me going for a minute.

The Constitution is a living evolving document that constantly changes.

EXCEPT....for the one Amendment you don't like, the 2nd, which is frozen in time in 1789.

And the reason is....what?

Until I realized you were kidding, and that this was brilliant satire, I just assumed you were as big an idiot as you appeared to be.

Good one. You got me!