Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday's Child is Full of Links

1.  Building skyscrapers in less than three weeks.  Very cool.  Because it's so simple and interesting.  And the head guy is such a nut job.  If you are going to be an arrogant ass, it's way better to be an innovator rather than just pure arrogance without accomplishment.  Donald Trump, you got nothing, 'cause this guy actually BUILDS stuff, and he makes them memorize how to brush their teeth HIS WAY.  Donald, you're fired!

2.  I'd heard about this.  But actually listening to the 911 call makes it funnier.  "I'm out in the country somewhere..."  Clearly a well-planned burglary:  he doesn't even know what STREET he's on.  Home break-ins with someone home are almost unknown in the parts of the U.S. that allow guns.  A shotgun at close range is extremely uncomfortable.  Enough so that the burglar was the one who called 911....heh.  Audio: "Hurry up, now!  My husband's fixin' to shoot him."  Not so funny:  I'm not sure what I would have done.  Guy was in the house.  You don't have to give warning, and you don't have to allow him to retreat.  This homeowner didn't panic, though, and he did the right thing.  No reason to shoot.  I'm just saying I might not have been that brave.  Just being in the house is enough for me to infer "bad intentions."  If I had had a shotgun, I would certainly have shot him in the legs and then asked questions.  Well done on the homeowner.

3.  Forget the "Easy" button.  What you need for dire situations is Vader's "NOOOOOO!" button.

4.  There may be some complex relation to Obamacare/ACA.  No employees necessary (because health care is expensive) to make the kind of meal (giant hamburgers) that make health care necessary.  The burger-bot.

5.  Not sure all of these "funny headlines" are real.  But they are real funny.

6.  My friend Chris Alcantara writes about the "flipped classroom," game theory edition.  Nice!

(Nod to Angry Alex and Anonyman)


Anonymous said...

Build a building in 15 days?

In the US you could not get the necessary permits in 15 days!

Brad Hutchings said...

Rangers get whiff of Colon: Real.