Thursday, December 27, 2012

Tidings of Comfort and Joy

1.  NY Times has nothing better to do than troll-comment-post left coast bagelries.

2.  This is disturbing.  Because instead of complaining about the hundreds of innocent people our government intentionally kills in drone strikes, we get upset about dozens killed at random by crazy people.  Apparently it's important to focus on chance, rather than intention.  If you want the original video, it can be found by clicking bottom left of the redo.

3.  G. Weeks on Latin American corruption.

4.  The 4th Amendment applies to everyone.  Unless you are poor.  Then apparently the state owns you and your stuff, and can search whenever it wants, without cause.  Because you are poor, and they are giving you money.  Can you tell me again why it's better to be dependent on the state than to have a job?

5.  Pete B on microfoundations.

6.  Can you define "assault rifle"?  The NY Times can't.


tahir sumar said...

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Tom said...

The voice-over work in the celeb video had several lapses, where the lip movement didn't match the words. That made the message all the more dramatic...

Crazed lunatics kill dozens and governments kill millions. Solution? Give governments more power!

I know stupidity doesn't cause celebrity, but there sure is a strong correlation.