Thursday, October 03, 2013

A Very Special KPC Event: The Future of Angus

The roadkill gourmet.... Excerpt.

Cats, foxes, badgers, mice or dogs, killed and mangled by tires and left to rot by the side of the road. Most people simply drive past and feel disgust with perhaps a tinge of sorrow. But Arthur Boyt scrapes them up and has them for dinner. 

Roadkill eaters devour whatever they find. Boyt, 74, a retired researcher, collects the furry accident victims and takes them to his remote house in the beautiful county of Cornwall in southwestern England, the AFP reports. Then he gets to work skinning, gutting and, of course, cooking them. Proper preparation is especially important because some of the animals he finds have been dead for a few weeks. You can just pick off the maggots and worms, he says, and still enjoy the meat. 

"I've eaten stuff which is dark green and stinks -- it does appear that if you cook it well, its rottenness does not hinder one's enjoyment of the animal," Boyt told the AFP. "It's not in the taste of the food; it's in the head. It's a threshold you have to step over if you're going to eat this kind of stuff. You say 'OK, this is just meat.'" 

I predict that this will be Angus, after five years in the new house in Santa Fe.  Living off the land (well, the road) and taking advantage of all that gluten-free protein.  Well, not the Labradors.  One has to have SOME scruples. (Nod to WH)


Angus said...

LOL, see more roadkill in Norman than in Santa Fe.

I think the coyotes have first dibs out there.

By the way, armadillo is *delicious*.

Anonymous said...

This was an episode of "Doc Martin."

Unknown said...

Roadkill's a little scarce out here in Fanta Se. Mainly rattlesnakes and tularemia infested rabbits. Plus you'll have to battle the turkey vultures and coyotes for every scrap.