Thursday, October 17, 2013

Wow! They Just Made It Up!

The U.S. government found it could not mistreat Mexicans enough under the actual U.S. law.  So they used a provision of the "Mexican Constitution" to make it easier to abuse people under Mexican law.

But they. just. made. it. up.

I understand that our government has done this to Native Americans residents, Chinese immigrants, the waves of southern and eastern European immigrants, and of course (most egregiously) Africans who "immigrated" in chains.  But I thought we had made some progress, at least toward rule of law.


Gerardo said...

Of course they made it up. Americans can't read Spanish. At least not 35 years ago.

It would be a nice change of pace if we elected someone who cared one whit about civil liberties. Wow.

Anonymous said...

You thought we had made progress towards rule of law??? I know we have made some progress towards treating disfavored groups better, but in general, they are being treated more equal under a government less bound by the rule of law.

John Thacker said...

Well, I'm sure that the Mexican Constitution is a living document, and even if that phrase wasn't actually written down originally, it has to grow with the times to meet the needs of our modern society.

Brandon Berg said...

They can't even get our own constitution right. Why would you expect them to get a foreign constitution right?