Monday, October 14, 2013

Monday's Child

1.  Domo arigato, grocery roboto.

2.  Antonin S is "glad I'm not raising kids today."  I agree.  I'm glad Tony is not raising kids.  It's a blessing for us all.

3.  Even by Nazi standards, this is pretty strange.

4.  Can racism be amusing?  In this case, yes.

5.  Dictators looking pretty good right now.  I wish the US had a better one, though.


6.  The Mushroom Mafia!

7.  The problems with the ACA web site are largely design problems.  It's just incompetence.

8.  The five worst (meaning best) monster movies from Nippon, all time.

9.  A current scary monster from China.  Ugh.

10.  This is nuts. Even for Rhode Island, this is nuts.

11.  Suppose you have laws that are so dumb you can't enforce them.  What is the solution?  More laws, and even dumber laws.  I'll never understand what leftists are thinking.

12.  If you were going to take the shut-down SERIOUSLY...

13.  On Malcolm Gladwell, darkly.

14.  "Complete" vs. "Finished":  an explanation.

15.  Bad news for the common folk....

16.  He was "dead," but he got better.  Still, the state of Ohio imposes the "death penalty."  Meaning he's dead to THEM.

17.  News from the front:  an actual insurance guy writes about actual ACA.  And Blue Cross.

18.  Detroit didn't have to be like...well, Detroit.  Bottom up works better than just bottom.

19.  Another temp worker fired because of ACA.  But not in the usual way...

20.  Not exactly clear to me how this works.  But it seems fun.

21.  Um....  Check this here. I'm pretty sure that if MSNBC is asking tough--well, not THAT tough, but basically "are you still lying?"--questions of Democrats, something has gone wrong.

22.   Immigration policy...

23.  Switzerland and basic income?  This person is not from Earth, apparently.  That's not really the right justification for "basic income."  My own thoughts...

24.  Here is the REAL "trolley problem."  (Lots more lawsuit abuse here...)

25.  Differences in air travel in US and Europe.  Why?  I think chief reason is health care and pension costs.

26.  Stop the madness.  Stop sticking stuff into places where stuff should not be stuck.  That is all.

27.  Why does some wine taste like butter?  And what does that have to do with "popcorn lung"?

28.  Sick people choose based on the network.  Healthy people choose based on price.  That is a disasster, for health insurance.

29.  The "bully pulpit":  anti-bullying programs have, at best, no good consequences.  And you have to like the puffery in this news release: “This important discovery will result in improvements in health, in learning, and in relationships, with unlimited positive impact.”  Unlimited?  If people realize that attempts to legislate manners and morality are harmful, that may even be right.


Tom said...

The "dead" guy from Ohio is dead mostly because of Social Security. Death benefits have been paid; must be repaid, if Dad is reanimated.


Simon Spero said...

Self checkout article contains phrase "read this Ph.D. dissertation for proof".

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