Thursday, October 24, 2013


Some of you may be wondering if the Cards will collapse, now that they got a butt-whuppin' in game 1 last night.  You might want to watch this (if you can):  Cards skipper Mike Matheny takes a fastball to the face, and pretty much just says, "That's all you've got?"

Sure, he left the game, but he was spitting out teeth.  Matheny played ten innings the NEXT DAY.

Let's see what the next day brings for the Cards.  Nod to the Dutch Boy, who knows from tough (he's from Ocoee, ya know.)


Irasicbli said...

Sox fan. I don't take STL lightly at all. Relieved to have won one over Wainwright early, because winning two, let alone three (game 7, if it comes to that), would be a tail event.

Thomas Oatley said...

Next day? In a real sport he woulda been back before the period was over.

Onoir said...

The ball rang his bell so hard that he had to ask a teammate "Did I go down?" Matheny is crazy tough. Just looking at his eyes and expression while he was watching the Sox celebrate after their win gave me goosebumps. When he wins his first World Series, I hope a reporter asks him what he was thinking that night.