Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Increasing the Liklihood of Connubial Noodling...

So, an article on what actually makes people, married people who have used up all the degrees of freedom in their years of marriage, more likely to interested in some vigorous cuddling.

1. Losing weight
2. Fresh bed sheets
 3. Winning a sum of money
 4. Night out with the girls
5. Hot bath
6. Work night out or work Christmas party
7. A new hair do
8. Having makeup applied
9. Workout at the gym
10. Closing a deal or completing a major task at work

1. Night out with the boys
2. Fresh bed sheets
3. Hot bath
4. Winning a sum of money
5. Sports team win
6. Losing weight
7. Work out at the gym
8. Driving a sports car
9. Closing a deal or completing a major task at work
10. Cleaning the house

As the NCM notes, interesting that "clean sheets" is high on both lists.  And, for what it is worth, I can say that if the guy needs to lose weight, and does, this can pay back with increased "interest" on the part of the lady.  As long as the sheets are clean.

The NCM suggest, in fact, that you guys should forget the etchings line.  Just tell the woman at the bar that your bathroom is clean, and you just changed your (very high thread count) sheets.  And then get lucky!

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