Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Queen my Spam! (You know, to make it funny)

Just got the strangest email.

Dear Webmaster, 
 I am Bryce Mills and I’m contacting you on behalf of 

While reviewing my site’s links I noticed that you’ve linked to my website on your following pages,**********

 Link Type: Blog Comment 

I would be very grateful if you could remove the aforementioned links from your website. These links may have been either submitted by our previously hired professionals or by third party SEOs. However these are against our company’s current SEO policies and thereby needs to be removed from your WebPages. 

It would be great if you could inform me about the link removal via email. 

Kind Regards, 
Bryce Mills, Web Marketing Team, 
Website: - www. 

I checked those links, and what happened is that this spamming fake medical company put up spamming fake "comments" on those two posts, to increase their Google ranking.

And now they want ME to go to those pages, and delete their spam.  Oh, and I should confirm back to them when I have finished that chore.  It's like some graffiti punk sprayed paint on my car, but now demands that I get the car repainted because his graffiti no longer pleases him.

I sent back an email saying that I would not be doing that.  And that I hoped they would send some additional communication, some kind of threat or attempt at intimidation.  Because then we would all be famous.


Tim Worstall said...

We have seen this idea and have the solution.

Charge them for the removal. It is in their interests to get rid of that spam. They have an incentive to do so. Thus there is a chargeable opportunity.

Oooh, say, $10 per link to be removed?

Anonymous said...


Make it worth your time Herr Doctor, and charge the price of a nice dinner out for two, for each link removed.

Simple.Machine said...

Why are marketeers so disturbingly similar to twenty year old anarchists. I suspect it's their pupa stage before they molt and become corporate moths.

Gordon said...

Hilarious - rather than admit to their wrongdoing, they tried to trick you into thinking you were at fault in some way. Not only are they sleazeballs, they're stupid sleazeballs in not realizing how transparent their attempt would be.

I hope they do carry on with their bluff as they'll be digging themselves a deeper hole. Save everything they send you and then you can share this with one of the big tech news sites. I'm certain such a news site will be very happy to help expose these goofballs to greater public ridicule.

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