Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday's Child

1.  The French assembly:  clucks.  It clucks. 
I'm always a bit surprised when American lefties try to admire France.  It is a bizarrely sexist culture.

2.  We have a quota for the number of people we keep locked up in expensive federal prisons.  Yes, we do.  Because Robert Byrd, ex-clansman, never really got over hatin' on brown folks.

3.  A new "type":  Slacker Millenial Guy.

4.  US gov shutdown delays "Space Night" relaunch.  I guess those poor Germans will just have to stick with THIS cult classic.

5.  Oreos are "as addictive as cocaine"?  I think not.  I'm sure some people really like Oreos, but "quitting" sugar isn't as catastrophic for the body as ending a cocaine addiction.

6.  Wolfy is not sure what "single digits" means.   (Or he thinks his listeners are that dumb).

7.  Those who can't do, teach:  Ethicists don't pay their registration fees at conferences, either.

8.  An excellent setting for a sci fi/horror film.  But a tough place to live, I would think.

9.  From an email sent to federal employees:

 OPM has prepared sample letters to creditors, mortgage companies and landlords for use by employees that need to make payment arrangements due to the lapse of appropriations. Please see attached. This afternoon, we provided these sample letters to agency chief human capital officers and HR directors to make available to employees. These letters are also available on OPM’s webpage

P-Kroog is likely right about this.  The stimulus may have been dumb, but this anti-stimulus is dumber.

10.  This is quite interesting.  As Buchanan-bashing goes, it is at least clever.  And I have long claimed that Marx, Stigler, and Tullock share quite a few premises, though not many conclusions.

11.  A very cool paper by Jonathan Anomaly.  In PPE.

12.  A provocative speech.  This whole "deserve" thing is pretty tough.  Lots of people believe that no one deserves anything, because we live in a giant hive.  And the hive gives us life, and deserves our loyalty.

13.  Kids trade in cheese!

14.  I think was a mistake.  The show does not have to go on.

15.  I have never seen "Game of Thrones."  But it turns out that Boromir is in it!  Oh, and it's a theme park, on Bad Lip Reading.

16.  Brits don't eat frogs; only those nasty French do that.  Brits did eat toads, it appears.  Perhaps it was just a bunch of French tourists, however.

17.  Yale Professor surprised to find that Tea Party identifiers are above average in scientific acumen and intelligence.  Response:  Tea Party identifiers astonished that Yale Professor can find own bum with both hands.

18.  A restaurant in NYC where everything is locally sourced, and everyone is silent. Their web site....

19.  Teaching can work?

20.  This story is a little far-fetched.  I mean, we're supposed to believe someone went into a Barnes and buy BOOKS?

21.  We need more elections like this.  The guy is running unopposed, but decided he wants to quit.  But he forgot to to have his name removed from the ballot. So this guy, the candidate, is trying to persuade to voters to write in someone else.

22.  Cat caught smuggling pot into prison.  (Jokes in comments, please!)

23.  This was about three minutes from happening to the LMM.  The arrival of the YYM was precipitate (but then the LMM spent an extra half hour blow drying her hair before we left for the hospital).

24.  Putin taught a crane to fly (?) last year.  But now it always gets lost.  A perfect metaphor for something.

25.  Famous brands/commercials updated with more honest taglines.

26.  Welcoming the dual-purpose chicken.  To Germany? It's actually a "super chicken," to be fair.  And who could forget that?

27.  Americans in need will find a way to sign up for Obamacare, the Atlantic says.  Then how come these same folks can't get an ID to go vote?  I don't understand... It's way, way harder to sign up for Obamacare than it is to get an ID.



AD said...

#8 is a great illustration of the problems identified in #11.

As cool as the base in Antarctica is, how do we know when we have too much of it? Does basic research require a full size basketball court with a theater quality projector?

If you know any other good work on the problems of supplying public goods (especially in terms of knowing how much to supply of a good that everyone agrees government should supply), please post.

Joe said...

I agree with Will Munny's opinion on 'deserve' (deserve has nothing to do with outcomes)

Tununak said...

#18 proves that something is a religion. I'm just not sure what.

Anonymous said...

Anomaly is a good guy, but he really doesn't like to admit he works at UNC does he?

sfw said...

"quitting" sugar isn't as catastrophic for the body as ending a cocaine addiction."

The hardest thing to quit is alcohol, really much harder on the body than quitting any other drug. By comparison heroin and coke are easy.