Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Grand Game: LARB version

An article by James Harkin.  A delightful GG setting.  Extravagantly, profoundly, confused.  Confused in a way that makes you wonder how the poor author types, or is allowed to be near big shiny electrical things like toasters.

A discussion by Henry Farrell (himself not really a fanboy of Public Choice), at Crooked Timber, to get things started. I have to admit, Henry had me giggling and saying, "Oh, my goodness," or something like that.

With a nod to Kindred.

UPDATE:  Danny D catches the wave--Karl Marx is the new Dumbo Gets Mad, for hipsters.


Mister Bascomb said...

Based on your compendium of Monday links, I suspect I know to what use the gentleman would put a toaster.

Anonymous said...

The scary thing for me was how familiar it sounded.

Brad Hutchings said...

If both Bill and Bertha would be better off trading with each other, each would be even better off if they stole each other’s stuff and kept it for themselves. Given that each doesn't know the intentions of the other, and assuming that both are rational and sensible people, it will always be in their best interest to steal from each other rather than to trade — a strategy which has the effect of leaving both worse off.

Imagine a world where retribution has no costs. Now imagine you're the pitcher who gets told to bean Puig in the ribs tonight.