Monday, October 21, 2013

The Father, the George Clooney, and the Dead George Clooney

Saw my first ever IMAX 3D movie yesterday.


Visually very cool and the effects were incredible.

I was surprised to discover though that the plot was straight out of the gospels.

Bullock is the burned out sinner, carrying pain and guilt.

First Clooney is Jesus, giving his life for her.

Then, on her deathbed, Bullock plays Pascal's Wager and Dead Clooney comes back as the Holy Spirit to enter her heart and teach her how to fly the busted thingie over to the other busted thingie.

Heck she even gets baptized at the end!

I can't believe Alfonso Cuarón gave himself a writing credit. Maybe "the apostles" will win an Oscar for original screenplay next year.

Tyler saw the book of Job, and indeed Bullock faces various tribulations, but I think this story is straight -up New Testament all the way.

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