Saturday, March 13, 2010

Buchanan Blvd : Four Years Ago Tonight....

My pal Bob Lee writes a retrospective on the N&O and coverage of Duke Lacrosse.

The article by Ruth Sheehan (can't find a link, may be in gated archives) started like this:

Members of the Duke men’s lacrosse team: You know.

We know you know.

Whatever happened in the bathroom at the stripper party gone terribly terribly bad, you know who was involved. Every one of you does.

And one of you needs to come forward and tell the police.

Do not be afraid of retribution on the team. Do not be persuaded that somehow this “happened” to one or more “good guys.”

If what the strippers say is true — that one of them was raped, sodomized, beaten and strangled — the guys responsible are not “good.”

She does say "if," but she means "since." Because "we know you know."

Her later thoughts. And, as Bob Lee says, fair enough. A commentator comments. Sometimes s/he will get it wrong. When they get it wrong, they apologize.

When you remember, remember the biggest idiot in the world, Nancy Grace. No apology from Nancy Grace. What an idiot.


Anonymous said...

Sadly, the Duke Lacrosse Scandal left its imprint in the psyches of hundreds of graduating Duke seniors, esp. the Classes of 2006 and 2007. Not exactly the optimistic send-off that many seniors anticipated four years earlier.

Anonymous said...

Did you participate in any of the Duke Campus Culture Town Hall meetings? I went to the one for staff and man what a joke.

and to slide into 'off topic': have you seen this?


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